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RELEASE: Massachusetts Voters Approve Question 3 in a Landslide to Prevent Animal Cruelty and Protect Food Safety

Press Releases Citizens for Farm Animals Apr 26, 2017

The passage of Question 3 will help ensure all Massachusetts residents have access to affordable, safe, responsibly-produced food.

Question 3 is approved in Massachusetts

News Boston Globe Nov 09, 2016

Massachusetts voters Tuesday passed a groundbreaking ballot question that will mandate all pork, veal, and eggs farmed and sold in Massachusetts come from pigs, calves, and laying hens not confined to ultratight quarters.

While voters in other states have banned certain farming practices through referenda, no ballot measure has outlawed the sale of products from animals raised in a particular way. That means the result of Question 3 will affect farms around the country, and grocery stores from Pittsfield to Provincetown.

Question 3 safeguards animals and humans

Letters to the Editor Sentinel & Enterprise Nov 07, 2016

The 2016 election is one of the most polarizing in history, with many relatives and neighbors sharply divided. Some of these rifts involve deeply held but conflicting beliefs. Thankfully, there's a measure on this year's ballot that's bringing together people of all political persuasions.

Question 3 is a common-sense measure that tackles animal cruelty while also safeguarding our families from unsafe food. No wonder why polls show it has two-thirds of Massachusetts residents say they're voting "yes" on it this Election Day.

Charlie Baker plans to vote yes on Question 3, Massachusetts’s farm animal protection ballot measure

News Nov 06, 2016

When Gov. Charlie Baker fills out his ballot Tuesday, he will vote to make cage-free eggs the law of the land in Massachusetts.

According to spokesman Billy Pitman, the Massachusetts governor plans to vote yes on Question 3, a ballot initiative that would ban certain restrictive means of confining farm animals in the state.

In September, Baker had told reporters he was undecided how he would vote on the measure, but was “quite sympathetic” to the argument being made by supporters.

A yes vote on Question 3 supports dignity for all creatures

Letters to the Editor The Patriot Ledger Nov 04, 2016

Whatever your diet of choice, we all should agree that there can be a basic concept of compassionate treatment of animals. Being able to spread wings, turn around, and to see light and other creatures gives life dignity before it becomes a meal on the table. A yes vote on Question 3 prevents chickens, pregnant sows, and veal calves from being confined in cruel conditions in which they never have even a shred of quality of life.

Vote yes on Question 3

Op-Ed Cape Cod Today Nov 04, 2016

In a particularly divisive election season, it’s fortunate we have a measure on the ballot that unites people across political parties. Voting YES on Question 3 will reduce animal abuse and help ensure that all Massachusetts residents have access to safe, affordable food.

Yes on Question 3: Our Meat And Eggs Needn't Come With a Side Of Animal Cruelty

Op-Ed WBUR Nov 03, 2016

It’s no wonder Americans want reforms to our food system, after years of outbreaks of foodborne pathogens like E. coli and shocking exposés of animal cruelty in corporate factory farms. There’s no silver bullet to this multi-pronged issue, but Massachusetts voters have the opportunity to take a giant step toward ensuring that everyone in the Commonwealth has access to reasonably-priced, responsibly-produced food by voting yes on Question 3.

Yes on 3 is the humane thing to do

Op-Ed Worcester Magazine Nov 03, 2016

A nationwide poll earlier this year found that a majority of Americans are losing trust in our food system. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the number of food safety scandals and exposés showing routine animal abuse by large meat, dairy and egg companies. Massachusetts voters have an opportunity to address these concerns by voting “yes” on Question 3, which will help give residents of the Commonwealth access to safe, affordable and responsibly-produced food.

Viewpoint: Farm ballot codifies progress as policy

Op-Ed Boston Business Journal Nov 03, 2016

Question 3 on this year’s Massachusetts ballot is hailed by advocates for animal protection and food safety as a major step forward on both issues. The measure would ensure that farm animals are given enough space to stand up, turn around, and extend their limbs. The impetus for this measure is the fact that some “factory farms” still essentially immobilize pigs, chickens, and calves in highly restrictive cages. This results in both animal suffering and the proliferation of dangerous food-borne bacteria.

Vote your conscience on Tuesday

Op-Ed Provincetown Banner Nov 03, 2016

This has been the most brutal presidential cycle in recent history. It has pit Democrats against Democrats, Republicans against Republicans, Americans against Americans. The fear of hate-mongering women-groping Donald Trump landing the top spot in the free world has even got liberals in-fighting.

It’s happening here in the Banner office.