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Question 3 stands up for state's farm animals

Letters to the Editor Berkshire Eagle Sep 12, 2016

To the editor:

I love animals. Most people do. We value our dogs and cats as part of the family, often thinking of them as four-legged children. We love our horses. We love our local wildlife. Since moving to Massachusetts, I've become obsessed with birds, going to great lengths to invite them into our yard.

Right now, it's becoming increasingly more popular to love farm animals. I have visited a number of sanctuaries — petting pigs and rubbing the noses of cows — laughing as the goats, along with chickens and turkeys and a couple of barn cats follow me across the yard.

Support initiative ending cruel treatment of animals

Letters to the Editor Berkshire Eagle Aug 25, 2016

To the editor:

I am in full support of Question 3, the ballot initiative that will greatly benefit farm animals.

Question 3 will ban extremely cruel confinement practices that cause farm animals immense suffering. For example, right now it is standard practice to confine egg laying hens into wire cages so small that they can't even stretch their wings.

Multiple birds are packed so tightly in each cage that they often step on each other and get tangled in the wires. As anyone could imagine, this causes severe, chronic injury and illness.

Vote 'yes' to protect Mass. farm animals

Op-Ed The Sun Chronicle Aug 19, 2016


Many residents of Massachusetts have driven by or even visited a local farm with their family. It may look like a beautiful picture right out of a calendar. But what many of you don't know is what really happens to farm animals on farms in Massachusetts that you do not drive by or cannot visit.

These chickens have a stress-free life - and a humane death. Yes, you can taste the difference.

News Boston Globe Aug 09, 2016


RAYNHAM — Newborn chicks arrive in the mail. When the postman doesn’t see Feather Brook Farm owner Arthur “Tad” Largey around, he puts the fluffy little yellow balls somewhere safe. They will grow into meaty birds, and eventually find their way onto restaurant menus or into elite butcher cases, and then, maybe, a cook will sprinkle one with fresh herbs and roast it until golden and juicy.

State has opportunity to improve animals' lives

Letters to the Editor Cape Cod Times Jul 18, 2016

We in Massachusetts have a great opportunity at hand to help some of the most abused animals on the planet, and it is essential to support the ballot initiative that will prevent cruelty to farm animals. I’m excited to see that it’s moving forward (“SJC approves ballot question on cage-free eggs,” July 6). This initiative gives Massachusetts a unique opportunity to greatly improve the lives of farm animals by banning extreme confinement practices. Pigs, calves and chickens are intelligent social animals that should not be forced to languish in tiny cages their entire lives.

Animal Protection Campaign Reports Major Signature Haul

News State House News Service Jun 21, 2016

The campaign pressing to ban the use of certain animal confinement practices on farms said Tuesday it had gathered an additional 40,000 signatures to secure its spot on the November ballot, well in excess of the 10,792 signatures required by Wednesday. Wednesday is the deadline for the campaigns to submit their signatures to municipal officials. Once signatures are certified, campaigns must turn them in to Secretary of State William Galvin's office by July 6.

Voters urged to sign petition to protect farm animals

Letters to the Editor Daily News of Newburyport May 24, 2016

To the editor:

Concerned citizens of Massachusetts are currently gathering petition signatures to support the Act to Prevent Cruelty to Farm Animals. These signatures would put a question on the ballot for the November election that would allow Massachusetts voters to make a difference for farm animals on large farms, and to improve food safety across the state.

Vote 'yes' for better treatment of farm animals

Op-Ed Wicked Local: Cambridge Mar 11, 2016

One could argue that Massachusetts is behind the times when it comes to the prevention of cruelty to farm animals. Voters are being asked on Ballot Question 3 to phase out "extreme methods of farm animal confinement” and ban the sale of eggs, veal or pork from an animal that is confined “in a cruel manner.”

Ten states have already passed similar laws, and many major retailers, including Walmart, McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts, have already promised to sell only cage-free eggs in the coming years.

Award-winning Environmentalist Bill McKibben Backs Massachusetts Ballot Initiative to Prevent Cruelty to Farm Animals

Press Releases Mar 02, 2016

Endorsement by Bay State native comes just days after Stop & Shop and other retailers announced plans to switch to cage-free eggs

Born free, raised free

News Cape Cod Times Feb 24, 2016

A Massachusetts bill promoting the raising of cage-free animals may have limited resonance in a state where there are few commercial farms practicing anything but this approach, but it could have a wider impact beyond the commonwealth's borders. That's because the measure would also have a direct effect on the eggs, veal, and pigs coming in from out of state and ending up on our grocery shelves.