A yes vote on Question 3 supports dignity for all creatures

Letters to the Editor

Whatever your diet of choice, we all should agree that there can be a basic concept of compassionate treatment of animals. Being able to spread wings, turn around, and to see light and other creatures gives life dignity before it becomes a meal on the table. A yes vote on Question 3 prevents chickens, pregnant sows, and veal calves from being confined in cruel conditions in which they never have even a shred of quality of life.

Question 3 isn’t just endorsed by the Humane Society and the MSPCA, but also by more than 100 Massachusetts family farms and the Center for Food Safety. It has many thoughtful exceptions to give farmers the practical tools they need to get the job done.

It is time to support products that represent who we are – a people who believe in dignity for all the creatures that we share this world with.

- Benjamin Taylor, Quincy