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Our Opinion: Question 3 benefits state's farm animals

Op-Ed The Berkshire Eagle Oct 28, 2016

The living conditions of farm animals has become a greater topic of discussion in recent years than ever before. Question 3 on the November 8 ballot gives people a chance to do something about those conditions.

MSPCA President to Jamaica Plain: Vote Yes on 3!

Op-Ed Jamaica Plain News Oct 26, 2016

In my over 30 years at the MSPCA, I’ve witnessed the compassion of Massachusetts residents time and time again. Folks across the commonwealth will go out of their way to help animals in need, whether it’s an injured bird or a homeless dog. Not surprisingly, Massachusetts has strong laws to protect companion animals and many protections for wildlife.

Proud to stand in support of Question 3

Letters to the Editor Daily News of Newburyport Oct 23, 2016

To the editor:

I have no clue what would cause an eccentric oil baron to spend millions fighting against protections for dogs in puppy mills and abused farm animals. 

Thankfully, polls show that Massachusetts residents overwhelmingly support Question 3, which would simply require that pigs, chickens and calves be given enough space to extend their limbs and turn around fully. It is wrong to confine any animal in a cage so small that she can hardly move an inch, as is commonly done by industrial meat and egg producers.

Treating animals fairly isn't costly

Op-Ed Boston Herald Oct 22, 2016

Our food system is broken and in desperate need of reform. A few years ago, a Massachusetts girl was sickened in a massive salmonella outbreak linked to two Iowa egg factories owned by tycoon Jack DeCoster. In these facilities, multiple birds are crammed into filthy, feces-encrusted cages. Each bird had less space than an iPad. Officials estimate the outbreak sickened more than 50,000 Americans. In a rare example of a food industry CEO being held accountable, DeCoster was sentenced to jail time.

“Yes on 3” Campaign Launches TV Commercials

Press Releases Oct 21, 2016

“Yes on 3” Campaign Launches TV Commercials
Ballot measure would shield consumers from food safety risks, animals from cruelty

(Oct 21, 2016) Boston, Mass. — The Citizens for Farm Animal Protection coalition launched two compelling commercials today encouraging Massachusetts residents to prevent animal cruelty and promote food safety by voting YES on Question 3.

Vote to end suffering of caged animals

Letters to the Editor Daily News of Newburyport Oct 21, 2016

To the editor:

Regarding “Billionaire funds fight against Question 3”: I am confident that Question 3 will succeed despite the spending of an Indiana oil baron’s efforts to sabotage animal protection efforts across the U.S. My reasons follow.

Vote yes on Question 3 to prevent cruelty to farm animals

Letters to the Editor Nashoba Valley Voice Oct 21, 2016

A YES vote on Question 3 -- on November's ballot -- would prevent cruelty to farm animals. Unfortunately, George Moore's recent letter to the editor included a great deal of misinformation on this matter.

Question 3 is a modest measure that would give egg-laying hens, breeding pigs and veal calves enough space to spread their limbs and turn around. Mr. Moore claims that Question 3 is unnecessary, but there are actually -- and currently -- thousands of animals kept in cages in Massachusetts that can't engage in these basic movements.

Farming past motivates Billerica resident on Question 3 push

News Wicked Local - Billerica Oct 20, 2016

Having grown up on a farm, it only seems natural Billerica-resident DeeDee Dorrington is championing a cause seeking an end to the confinement of farm animals.

Dorrington has been ubiquitous, parading around town with a signature sheet and informational fliers in tow. As the town captain for the ‘Yes on 3’ campaign, Dorrington is using her background in farm animals as a catalyst for her efforts.

“I grew up on a small homestead farm in New Hampshire with goats, chicken, steers, and pigs,” she said. “We treated the animals with kindness.”

Question 3: 'Yes' vote ensures responsible farming, food safety

Op-Ed Lowell Sun Oct 19, 2016

At the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA), offering shelter to homeless or abused dogs and cats is just a part of our work. We care for more than 600 farm animals each year and provide services for more than 12,000 animals in total. And, as our name implies, we strive to prevent cruelty before it ever takes place. We operate humane education programs in the state, but we also need strong laws on the books. That's why the MSPCA is a proud supporter of Question 3.

Vote yes for farm animal welfare reform

Letters to the Editor Eagle Tribune Oct 19, 2016

To the editor:

Citizens of Massachusetts have an opportunity to cast a ballot for kindness and compassion on Nov. 8.

A yes vote on Question 3 would prohibit gestation crates for pregnant pigs, “battery cages” for egg-laying hens and veal crates for baby calves — cruel confinements that keep these caged animals nearly immobilized, preventing them from simply extending their limbs. This initiative would also prohibit the import and sale of products derived from animals raised in these cruel confinements out of state.