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On Cage-Free Livestock Ballot Question, Attorney General Maura Healey Says 'Free The Birds'

News WGBH News Oct 18, 2016

Attorney General Maura Healey has a message for opponents of Question 3: "Free the birds!"

Healey told Boston Public Radio Monday that she was inspired to vote yes on the ballot measure—which would prohibit pigs, calves raised for veal, and egg-laying hens from being held in confined spaces—from taking care of chickens during her childhood.

“We had a little henhouse growing up, and we’d go down and collect the eggs in the morning. It was great. So free the birds,” Healey said.

Endorsement: Yes on Question 3

Op-Ed The Boston Globe Oct 18, 2016

The average American eats roughly 150 shell eggs a year, and a referendum on the Massachusetts ballot this November that would require better treatment for hens is expected to raise retail prices for consumers in the Commonwealth by between 1 and 5 cents per shell egg. If those projections are even roughly accurate, the initiative would translate into an additional cost of maybe $10 per Massachusetts resident per year — and probably less.

Yes On Question 3 To Prevent Animal Cruelty

Letters to the Editor The Sandwich Enterprise Oct 15, 2016

So as to prevent animal cruelty and improve consumer health and safety, I strongly urge voting Yes on Question 3 on November 8.

Yes on Question 3 for humane animal treatment

Letters to the Editor Cape Cod Times Oct 14, 2016

On Nov. 8, Massachusetts residents will be asked to vote on a critical farm animal welfare question. Question 3 supports a proposal to prohibit the sale of eggs, veal and pork from farm animals confined in spaces so small they can’t lie down, stand up, extend their limbs, or turn around. Animal welfare groups, human health organizations, farmers, elected officials, community leaders and more than 500 Massachusetts veterinarians have endorsed Question 3.

Veterinarians back passage of Question 3

Letters to the Editor Berkshire Eagle Oct 14, 2016

I am writing to join more 450 veterinarians in Massachusetts to urge a 'Yes' vote on Question 3 this November. I have worked for 20 years caring for livestock. The farmers with whom I worked respected and cared their animals.

But this is not the case for animals who are unfortunate enough to be born into the factory farm systems which are now so common in this country. Like dogs and cats, chickens, pigs, and cows feel pain and have the capacity to suffer. Well-documented research shows that they are intelligent, social animals.

Anna Hanchett: responsible farmers support Question 3

Op-Ed Berkshire Eagle Oct 13, 2016

PLAINFIELD — As a cattle and hog farmer in Massachusetts, I enthusiastically support Question 3, "The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act," on this November's ballot. This measure aligns with our state's proud heritage of responsible family farming and is long overdue.

We're a nation of extremes in our treatment of animals. The ones with whom we have a relationship are treated as well as children. But the animals we eat, the ones which we only meet in a styrofoam package, whose lives we know nothing about, are often treated terribly.

Question 3 proponents say measure would prevent animal cruelty

News MetroWest Daily News Oct 12, 2016

FRAMINGHAM – Proponents of Question 3, the ballot question that would prohibit pigs, calves and chickens from being housed in confined spaces, say the measure will prevent farm animal cruelty and help protect consumers from food-borne ailments.

'Yes' on Question 3 benefits animals, people

Letters to the Editor The Berkshire Eagle Oct 10, 2016

To the editor:

I am writing to urge everyone to vote "Yes" on Question 3 to prevent farm animal cruelty. Laying hens, veal calves and gestation pigs can presently be crammed into cages so small they can't move more than a very few inches in any direction. This bill would enable them to spread their limbs and wings, turn around and lie down without touching the cage sides or another animal. It's little enough, but would reduce the misery of their lives considerably.

Yes on Question 3 to prevent animal abuse

Letters to the Editor Cape Cod Times Oct 07, 2016

We can help prevent farm animal cruelty by voting Yes on ballot Question 3, which can make a difference in Massachusetts for the lives of farm animals by giving them more room to move around.

Voting Yes on this ballot question on Nov. 8 will help prevent animal abuse. It will make food safety better as well as protect the environment, promote good farming and establish more humane standards for selling farm products.

Vote 'Yes' on Question 3 and help farm animals

Letters to the Editor The Berkshire Eagle Oct 07, 2016

To the editor:

Do you remember what the pigs says? "Oink! Oink!" And the cow? "Moo!" And the duck? "Quack! Quack!" And so on.

Well, now we have to help our friends the animals who live in crates and cages way too small for them.