'Yes' on Question 3 ensures humane conditions for farm animals

Letters to the Editor

A recently published letter "Question 3 would hurt family farmers in Massachusetts," contained several errors.

The sad truth is that there are currently thousands of farm animals right here in our state that are confined to small cages. Across the country, millions more are locked in cages in industrial facilities, suffering from deteriorating joints, respiratory diseases and other illnesses due to poor conditions.

Confined hens are often packed together so tightly that they step on each other or get tangled in the wires of their cages. Pigs and calves who are confined in individual crates experience severe stress.

Question 3 could make sure these conditions do not occur in Massachusetts by phasing out these cruel confinement methods. Responsible family farmers strongly reject this abuse; in fact, more than 100 Massachusetts farmers have already endorsed Question 3.

Voting "YES" on Question 3 is simply the right thing to do, and it will have far-reaching benefits for animals and Massachusetts agriculture.