Yes on Question 3

Letters to the Editor

It is outrageous to think we need a ballot question to provide farm animals raised for consumption (chickens, baby calves and mother pigs,) enough room to stand up, lie down and spread their limbs. Unfortunately, most people are too busy or disconnected from where their food comes from to understand how these animals are treated. They do not know the horrific, unsanitary conditions thousands of animals are living in that often breed food-borne illness, like salmonella. Spaces so small, they can’t move, let alone exhibit any natural behavior. Most chickens never see sunlight; their feet never touch the ground. Chick’s beaks are cut off to prevent aggression. They cannot roost, preen, peck and scratch for bugs, or roll in a dust bath. Mother pigs are crammed into gestation crates which eliminates their ability to turn around for months. Baby calves' heads are locked in a veal crate, where they stay for more than six months. When they are released to go to slaughter, they cannot even walk onto the truck - their muscles are too weak; they have never been allowed to walk, jump or play in a field.

Think about that...think about being forced into an area where you can never ever turn after day, month after month...with no end in sight.

We can do better for these animals. They do not need to be treated like this, for Massachusetts residents to have a BBQ chicken wing or piece of bacon. If what these animals are enduring sounds outrageous to you too then please help put an end to it, and vote YES on 3 in November to give them just a little bit more space and only one bad day.

Thank you,

- Kathryn Holmes, Plymouth