More than 100 Mass. farmers say 'yes' to Question 3

Letters to the Editor

I am thrilled that I will have the chance to cast a "yes" vote for Question 3 on my ballot this year.

It is currently legal to confine chickens, pigs and calves to tiny cages where they are barely able to move. Farm animals currently have no protection against this kind of treatment. Because of this, thousands of hens in Massachusetts are living out their days crammed in tiny, barren cages.

Question 3 will offer these animals modest protections and ensure that they can at least move around a bit.

Responsible farmers care about the well-being of their animals, and that is why more than 100 Massachusetts farmers endorse Question 3. This measure will benefit farm animals, family farmers and all of our state's citizens.

I hope you'll join me in voting "yes" on 3 in November.