Hens need helping hand

Letters to the Editor

It’s not surprising that front groups for egg corporations are trying to scare voters (“Farmers fear price increase due to ballot vote,” Sept. 14). But the truth is that voting “yes” on Question 3 is the smart move for Massachusetts.

We need to hold reckless corporations accountable. For example the operators of an egg farm in Maine, which the Humane Society of the United States exposed, confined hens to cages where they were forced to live with the rotting carcasses of their dead cage-mates.

It’s outrageous that any company would so abuse animals and jeopardize food safety, but these findings are not unusual in the egg industry. Such a farm could be selling eggs to Massachusetts families.

I’m grateful for all the responsible Massachusetts farmers — as well as hundreds of local veterinarians and businesses — who have endorsed Question 3 to put in place modest protections for animals and consumers.

— Christopher Fuccione, Salem

The writer is the New England coordinator for World Events Ending Animal Cruelty.