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Farm Animal Living Conditions Could Be A Potential Ballot Question

Media WGBH News Aug 25, 2015

35 ballot petitions are currently under review by state Attorney General Maura Healey, all seeking to get voters to weigh in on issues around the state, from common core and charter schools to fireworks, tobacco taxes, and marijuana. Also among the submissions was one filed by a coalition of animal rights groups, veterinarians, farmers and other public health officials calling themselves Citizens for Farm Animal Protection.

LTE: Cage-free foods benefit animals and consumers

Letters to the Editor Salem News Aug 24, 2015

In response to “Proposed ban on caged foods meets industry opposition,” studies published in trade publications for the pork and egg industries have found that raising animals in cage-free facilities costs about the same as confining them in tiny metal cages. In addition, science — and common sense — tell us that it’s cruel to lock any animal in a cage so small she can barely move.

That’s why I am glad that we will have a chance in the election next year to require farmers to go cage-free. (The vast majority of Massachusetts farms already are.)

LTE: Voters should opt to end farm cruelty

Letters to the Editor Eagle-Tribune Aug 23, 2015

In response to the editorial "Let market drive humane farming," as a person of conscience, parish minister, and Massachusetts voter, I am delighted to support a new ballot measure to protect farm animals from extreme abuse.

Op-Ed: Bring end to cruel treatment

Op-Ed Boston Herald Aug 22, 2015

Imagine living your entire life in a box smaller than a phone booth. That is the sad reality for many animals in factory farms today, animals that are raised in cages and pens so small, they often cannot even turn around. Massachusetts has a history of protecting its animals and being a leader on animal welfare issues, but we are starting to fall behind.

Advocates seek new farm regs

News Boston Herald Aug 20, 2015

Animal advocates launched a campaign yesterday to put a ballot question before Massachusetts voters that would prohibit raising certain farm animals in small cages and crates and would effectively ban the sale of eggs, pork and veal from animals kept in such tight spaces, wherever they are raised.

Massachusetts Ballot Measure Launched -- A Step to End Era of Extreme Confinement on Factory Farms

News Huffington Post Aug 20, 2015

Today, The HSUS and a remarkable group of organizational partners launched a ballot initiative campaign in Massachusetts that, if successful, will bring our society dramatically closer to ending the era of extreme animal confinement on the nation's factory farms. Just moments ago, I announced the initiative petition at the state house in Boston, accompanied by the CEOs of the Massachusetts SPCA, ASPCA, Animal Rescue League of Boston, and the Franklin Park Zoo.

Ballot initiative fights 'torture' of farm animals in 'extreme confinement'

BOSTON - Calling it "torture," animal rights advocates decried the "extreme confinement" and "lifelong immobilization" of farm animals, and officially launched a ballot initiative campaign to outlaw such practices in Massachusetts.

National, state and local animal welfare groups gathered Wednesday outside the State House to rally in support of an initiative petition that supporters say would ensure that veal calves, breeding sows and egg-laying hens "will not spend their lives in cages barely larger than their bodies."

Mass. ballot push would mandate cage-free eggs

News Boston Globe Aug 19, 2015

Top state and national animal welfare groups on Wednesday launched a 2016 ballot initiative that would prohibit Massachusetts businesses from selling some meat and eggs from animals kept in small crates and cages.

The measure would mandate that, starting in 2022, Massachusetts farms and businesses produce and sell only eggs from cage-free hens; pork from pigs not raised in or born of a sow raised in a small crate; and veal from calves not raised in a very tight enclosure.

Massachusetts Activists: Question Would Protect Farm Animals from Cruelty

News CBS Boston Aug 19, 2015

Animal advocates converged on the Statehouse Wednesday to launch a ballot question campaign they say will help protect farm animals from cruelty.

The coalition, Citizens for Farm Animal Protection, includes veterinarians, animal welfare groups, farmers, and others hoping to eliminate what they describe as the extreme confinement of farm animals in small crates and cages.

The measure would require that animals have enough room to turn around, lie down and stretch their limbs.

Massachusetts Ballot Initiative Seeks to Curb Farm Animal Confinement

Press Releases Citizens for Farm Animal Protection Aug 19, 2015

Citizens for Farm Animal Protection has announced a new ballot initiative in Massachusetts to curb extreme confinement and lifelong immobilization of animals at industrial-style factory farms. The coalition aims to collect more than 90,000 signatures in order to qualify this animal welfare proposal for the 2016 statewide ballot.