Voters will not be swayed by factory farming industry

Letters to the Editor

RE “Egg industry to fight cage-free proposal”: The United Egg Producers and the National Pork Producers Council should be ashamed for trying to stop a ballot measure that would give minimal relief to millions of chickens, pigs, and newborn cows that are crammed in cages so tightly they are virtually immobilized. I think these trade groups will almost certainly be unsuccessful. Polling has found that Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly support measures ensuring that farm animals are given enough space to stand up, extend their limbs, and turn around. Voters will be further convinced when they are presented with the many studies showing that confining animals in this cruel manner leads to a weakened immune system. This can allow dangerous bacteria such as salmonella and E. Coli to proliferate, often contaminating the food supply. Lobbyists for factory farms are welcome to waste their money fighting this measure, but I’m confident the common sense and compassion of the Massachusetts electorate will prevail.

Tegan Gregory