Support measure to protect farm animals

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Our society has been educated over the past few years to the horrible, routine abuse of animals inflicted by large meat and egg companies. Most people now realize that protecting chickens, pigs and cows from needless cruelty is just as important as protecting dogs and cats.

That’s why I support the Act to Prevent Cruelty to Farm Animals, a ballot measure which would require meat and egg producers to simply give animals enough space to turn around and extend their limbs. This is currently denied to millions of animals locked in factory farm cages.

It’s also why I’m opposed to a bill that’s in front of the Massachusetts Legislature. H. 713 creates a board to make decisions on animal welfare, but if one reads the bill closely, it’s clear the board would be stacked with agribusiness insiders who undoubtedly would block any true reforms. This bill is meant to undercut support for the ballot measure by giving the illusion that the issue is being dealt with. I hope you will join me in telling our elected officials that you expect them to oppose H. 713 and instead support the ballot measure.

Linda Karaberis