Question 3 will benefit people as well as animals

Letters to the Editor

In response to the Sentinel & Enterprise's editorial on Question 3, the ballot measure would simply set a commonsense standard for animal welfare by allowing farm animals enough room to extend their limbs, spread their wings and turn around.

The current practice on corporate "factory farms" of cramming animals into cages so small they can barely move has been linked to higher rates of salmonella -- one reason why the Center for Food Safety endorses Question 3.

Studies have shown that granting these animals more space would have negligible effects on price. This initiative would therefore help ensure that Massachusetts families have access to safe, affordable and responsibly-produced food.

Question 3 has been endorsed by The Boston Globe and Attorney General Maura Healey, more than 100 farms and 400 veterinarians. They know that a "yes" vote to this modest measure will mean enormous benefits for our farm animals and our families.