Help farm animals

Letters to the Editor

I live in Acton and am volunteering to gather signatures to help put a question on the November 2016 ballot. Voting “yes” would ban the confinement of veal calves, egg-laying hens and pigs. As many of you know, veal calves are often chained by their necks in crates too narrow to turn around or lie down comfortably. Hens are crammed into cages so small they can’t spread their wings, and female pigs used for breeding are confined in crates two feet wide. They endure lifelong suffering.

This ballot measure would give minimal relief to millions of animals. Any compassionate person would agree that all animals deserve the space to turn around and extend their limbs. In addition, cramming them into tiny cages promotes the spread of disease. There have been many studies indicating that this leads to a weakened immune system, which can allow bacteria to proliferate, often contaminating the food supply.

There are hundreds of volunteers collecting signatures to help put this question on the 2016 ballot. If you see them and if you are a registered Massachusetts voter, please sign. You can also go to to get more information or request a petition form. We all have the power to change what is wrong and do the right thing.

Terry Brodsky