Animal cruelty in agriculture

Letters to the Editor

Most people will agree that protections from cruelty shouldn’t be limited to dogs and cats; all animals deserve compassion. That’s why I strongly support the new initiative to curb the worst forms of cruelty inflicted on chickens, pigs and cows used for egg and meat production. Decades of research have shown what’s obvious to most: locking animals in cages so small they can barely move causes them to suffer immensely. In addition, animals confined in these cages are constantly stressed and prone to illness, which results in higher rates of Salmonella and other harmful bacteria. These pathogens threaten consumers - especially children and the elderly - which is why the Center for Food Safety endorses this measure in Massachusetts. Massachusetts families, animals and responsible farmers will benefit greatly if residents vote “yes” on this measure next year.

My husband, my 11-year-old boy and myself are gathering signatures in our free time at our local grocery stores. We feel proud to do this work.